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Treatment & Wellness Room Rentals

Are you looking to rent a space for your health or wellness business, but you don't want to commit to a full time rental, or deal with a long term lease? We have responded to the demand for exactly that!

Our practitioner rooms are available for rent on a fractional basis and come complete with every amenity you need to ensure you and your clients are set up for a successful session!

You pay only for the time you use, and you can book and pay using our Life Studio app. Wow!

Your Treatment Room

The Life Studio Treatment Room is the perfect space for medical practitioners in physiotherapy, massage therapy, and other similar lines of work.

The space features:

  • top of the line electric massage table

  • sink and towels

  • access to all amenities

We offer a spacious and comfortable environment to treat your clients, where every detail has been carefully considered.


Your Wellness Room

The Life Studio wellness room is a flexible space that is very similar to the treatment room.

Some features include:


  • top of the line electric massage table

  • bright open concept

  • additional seating and a desk


The Wellness Room offers a welcoming environment for you and your clients.

We are glad you asked . . .

How do I book a Treatment Room or Wellness Room?

When you join Life Studio as a health and wellness provider, you can self-book your fractional rental spots through our app. The Life Studio app allows you to book and pay for only the time you use! 

Enjoy keyless entry for your convenience, so you can work at precisely the time that fits for you. 

What if I need a room while someone else is using it?

We have set up our rooms to offer very similar amenities, so you have your choice of each room every time you book. Your credits are good for either room, and you can also book ahead if you know you will have recurring bookings at the same time each week!

Are you ready to join us?

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