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Meet the Life Studio Team

Offering a wide scope of Wellness Services.

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Diego Dias
Bachelor of Kinesiology degree

Diego is a Kinesiologist graduate from Capilano University holding multiple certifications including Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit.

His methodology is based on Weightlifting techniques and helps people seeking to improve their quality of life including athletes with various sports backgrounds.

His interest in strength, body movement, and recovery have driven Diego to become a High Performance Coach who works tirelessly to support his clients to achieve the best versions of themselves.

Stephanie Zepedeo

Stephanie holds a Kinesiology degree from UBC and is also the founder of her own fitness and wellness company, The Club Health and Fitness.

She has over 3 years of professional training experience and specializes in strength, conditioning, and also overall body re-composition.

Recently she has added a certification of Registered Holistic Nutritionist to her accreditations and is committed to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals while prioritizing optimal overall health & wellness.


Mark Arlou
BKIN, NSCA-CSCS and Registered Kinesiologist

Mark is the founder of Arlou Fitness and has an extensive background in active rehabilitation and strength & conditioning.

His style of training focuses on functional fitness and a long-term approach to health and injury prevention.

He enjoys working with individuals of all fitness levels and health status. In his spare time he likes to hike and bike on our North Shore trails, and is a reading enthusiast.

Mark's considers himself incredibly lucky to be earning his living doing the work he loves so much!   


Nicole Yuen
Registered Massage Therapist

As an RMT, Nicole helps her patients find their best potential by improving biomechanics, decreasing pain, facilitating recovery from injury, and reducing stress.

Her interests include sports injuries and performance (she is also a personal trainer)


She specializes in peripheral nerve pathologies and chronic pain conditions including the ubiquitous desk worker’s neck.


Nicole is always continuing her education to deepen her understanding of the body and add to her therapeutic toolkit.  


In 2009 Marcel received a degree in Physical Therapy from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas in Brazil. He has developed vast experience in various manual therapy (hands-on) techniques and completed multiple continued education modules in the US and Canada. 

Some of these include therapeutic exercise prescription, dry needling, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, strain-counterstrain techniques, and acupuncture skills. 

Marcel also has a special interest in treating sports injuries and lower back and neck pain.


Catrina McCrae

Since 2016, Catrina has been training clients with a holistic approach emphasizing ability, strength, movement competency, and self efficacy. Her inclusive coaching style combines functional strength training and mindfulness to help you become stronger while developing a deeper connection to your body. 


Catrina's sessions are dynamic; clients exercise both their mental and physical strength while learning valuable tools to support overall wellness, including nutrition and lifestyle habits. 

Working with Catrina you can expect to walk away from your session feeling lighter, stronger, and ready for what lies ahead!


Alysha Monk

Alysha Monk is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) specialist with a love for fitness and the outdoors.

Her seven years of personal training experience has given her the knowledge to help her clients reach various goals of enhancing mobility, developing functional strength and improving conditioning.

With a strong passion for movement, Alysha's approach to client training is based on sustainable programming aimed at long term health and longevity. 

Ryan Leaver.jpeg

Ryan Leaver
PT, DPT, Sports Dip, SCS

Ryan is a Diploma Sports Physiotherapist and has been in the field for over 14 years.

His education includes a Doctorate as well as two Post Doctoral fellowships with the American Academy for Sports Physical Therapy. He has a particular interest in knee and hip injuries, and is a National leader in the field of Return to Play/Performance Physiotherapy.

Out of clinic Ryan serves as the Return to Play specialist for the Canadian Soccer Association, recently covering World Cups in Qatar and Australia.


Nik V Andrews

Nik was always a performer at heart, starting with competitive fighting and extending into business pitching and public speaking. 

These days he is working with top producers in Hollywood on film projects, including his own.

Nik has achieved success as a specialized trainer, servicing transformations of lead actors such as Nicole Munoz (Van Helsing) and working with Hollywood actor transformation expert Patrick Murphy (trusted by Keanu Reeves, Zac Efron and many more).


Elham Daneshvar
Certified Les Mills Bodyattack instructor

Eli's training involves high energy music with a combination of body weight strength exercises, plyometrics, and running.


As a Certified Personal trainer, Eli is also a TRX certified instructor which makes her workouts well rounded and very dynamic.

With a super friendly personality and tons of experience, she works with all ages and levels of fitness, in single and partners sessions.


Silvia Simpson

Silvia shares with our clients her considerable experience and expertise in aesthetic services.

She has been a medical aesthetician for 6 years and specializes in micro-needling, facial massages and chemical peels.

Her treatments offer skin rejuvenation as well as hair loss prevention and restoration.


Brooke Fujiama

Brooke started working in the fitness industry in 2011 teaching Strength and Conditioning, High Intensity Interval Training, Aerobics, Cardio Dance, Ball Fit, Suspension training, and Flexibility/Stretch classes.  

Her main focus the past 8 years has been working one-on-one with her clients. 

Brooke loves getting to know people and feels fortunate to have such an amazing group of clients (friends!) allowing her to be a part of their journey! 

CFES, CPFA, GGS Pre/Post Natal Coach,
and ACE certified Pain Free Movement Specialist


Chelsea Bresler Bezerra

With a decade of valuable experience in the field and 4 different certifications in nutrition science, Chelsea knows that each individual is unique and that their health is influenced by various factors, including genetics, lifestyle, and environment.


Her approach consists of a holistic perspective that sees the entire body as a system, addressing not only your immediate nutritional needs but also how nutrition and other well-being practices can impact your overall health and performance. 

Chelsea invites you to learn more about her services and how she can assist you in achieving your wellness and performance goals. 

Marcel Miura
Registered Physiotherapist

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