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Not who you might expect.

I'll share my secret, I don't have a fitness background!

... However, I do have experience with the challenges of a small business and the feeling of being a newbie when I wanted to join in, and get fit.



The opportunity to work on Life Studio really inspired me. We looked deeply at every aspect of the typical Fitness and Wellness Facility, addressing the sticky points that frustrate both Clients and Practitioners alike.



Here we are empowering our Practitioners to create their own businesses with strong connections to their Clients, their Team, and also to the North Shore.


As a Team at Life Studio we have a special focus on and interest in Mental Health, exploring how we can integrate aspects of this into what we offer, more and more.

Come and see us, to learn more about what we are doing here at Life Studio!

- Katharine, Creative Director

Katharine is a native of the North Shore where she was born and raised.

She brings to the Studio a developing passion for sharing a community space to explore the incredible potential we all naturally possess.

Katharine's business background also includes the development of technology used by people who were Adopted, to reunite with their birth families.
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