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Wellness Services in North Vancouver

At Life Studio, we know that our clients like to explore the many different options available to enhance our Wellness.

Some Wellness Services offered on-site are micro-needling, lymphatic drainage, and a variety of skincare treatments.


The Benefits of Pairing Personal Training with RMT

Massage Therapy can enhance personal training results. The techniques used help to:

  • Increase your performance

  • Improve your recovery

  • Increase your range of motion (ROM)

  • Improve mobility

  • Reduce tension and muscle fatigue


Nicole Yeun is our onsite registered massage therapist. Nicole specializes in a range of sports injuries and performance, including treatment for peripheral nerve pathologies and chronic pain conditions.


Nicole is constantly working to improve her knowledge through extra courses and workshops and is passionate about helping her clients find their potential through her RMT services.

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