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A former professional athlete in track and field, Luiz was a South American champion in the 110 meters hurdles event representing Brazil.

Holding a Physical Education degree and a Graduate degree in Sports Performance, Luiz works as a Strength & Conditioning and Sports Performance Coach. 

Luiz works with professional athletes of many sports including basketball, volleyball, MMA, and more.


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Katharine is a native of the North Shore currently residing on Salt Spring Island. 

With almost 30 years of business experience she brings to the studio a developing passion for sharing a community space to explore the incredible potential we all naturally possess.

Katharine's business background includes the development of technology used by people who were Adopted, to reunite with their birth families.


We love to bring our community of clients, trainers and practitioners together!

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Meet the Founders

Our hearts and souls went into creating North Shore's most private, spacious, and welcoming training studio.

Before we even began this journey Luiz and I thought deeply to get clear on what we wanted to create. 
The answer came easily - we wanted to be the Studio where you can create the foundation for your best Life. A beautiful, clean, fun, collaborative and inclusive space to explore what it really means to thrive.

Luiz and I welcome you to Life Studio to explore the best of our lives, together.
- Katharine

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