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Your own private Training Studio,
. . . and your own Training App!

Our unique Private Access Membership program offers access to our professional space for your own personal use on your own schedule in a capacity-limited, never-crowded setting.

We know you are serious about your Fitness Lifestyle! We are too. Are you ready to escape to a super-clean, fresh space to focus on all aspects of your health - including fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being?


Your Private Access awaits you!

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Why Private Access?

You may have noticed the explosive demand for services on the North Shore. We answered the demand for a peaceful setting to work out and balance all aspects of wellness. Only 30 spots are offered.

Capacity-limited studio floor

This is a very important aspect of our Training Studio. The hourly capacity and also the overall membership capacity is maintained at a comfortable level, so you never have to wait for equipment or feel crowded out of your space.


Another strong feature of Life Studio is the attention to detail to provide a clean facility. We review our performance on this regularly to make sure this core function is always at optimum.


We established an attitude right from the outset to specifically ensure everyone feels completely as ease and included in our space. We are committed to these values.

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